in today’s fast-paced, competitive, dynamic environment, the challenging characteristics of programs and projects may be viewed as complexity. efforts to navigate complexity include setting up the appropriate organizational structure, diligently researching programs or projects prior to approval, cultivating talent, fostering leadership, nurturing flexibility and being resilient.

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    by patra, priya digital transformations are all the rage these days—and also a source of anxiety. ceos and other business leaders say their top concern for 2019 is risks surrounding digital transformation,…

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    panoramic precision member content locked

    the project was as ambitious as the artwork is gargantuan. five years ago, the atlanta history center launched a privately funded us$35 million initiative to restore and relocate the battle of…

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    the world is moonstruck again. after several years of dormancy, projects to explore the moon are heating up in a major way: china, india, russia, israel, germany and the united states all have…

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    by parsi, novid the world's deadliest animal doesn't have claws or teeth—and it's tiny. each year, blood-sucking mosquitoes kill 830,000 people by carrying and spreading disease. malaria is by far the deadliest…

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    by thomas, jen though paris, france lays claim to the nickname "city of light," for 53 days each year, amsterdam, the netherlands finishes a close second. featuring nearly 30 original installations crafted by…


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